Making Art with Children

On this board I love to pin very creative, process oriented art for both little and bigger kids.
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an art project made with different colored materials
paper flowers are laid out on the floor to be made into wall art for kids
Mandalas like this could be easier for younger peeps
the process to make an art project with watercolors is shown in three different stages
Watercolor Techniques: Playing With Stencils and Doilies (Doilies!) · Craftwhack
Watercolor techniques to try with stencils & doilies
two children playing with giant nails on a cardboard box and the words giant nails salon above them
31 GIANT Indoor Activities for Kids - HAPPY TODDLER PLAYTIME
a man standing over a table covered in art pieces
Printmaking in the ArtLab at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art. | This Playground
two children sitting at a table working on drawings
Line Printing
Black paint, cardboard. Create artwork using only "lines." Perfect for lower elementary art class. Teaching elements of art.
a young child holding up a toy with beads on it
Kinetic Sculptures
the wall is covered with colorful paintings and paints on it's sides, as well as a cup of paint
Mini Canvas Paintings with Kids
kids love painting on new materials like canvas ~ these little works of art were made by 4-yr olds
some fruit and vegetables are sitting on a table with watercolors, paint, and paper
Getting creative with kids
Great idea for luring kids into an art project- just start painting and they'll come to investigate! At home with Ali: Getting creative with kids
a young boy sitting at a table and painting with watercolors on the paper
six different types of bug magnets in tin boxes on a table with white background