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a bunch of colorful balloons with musical notes on the bottom and one in the middle
Ballsanger –
Art, Fictional Characters, Character, Zelda Characters, Princess Zelda, Zelda
Trollmor –
Disney, Pikachu, Disney Characters, Cinderella, Disney Princess
Bamsebursdag –
a woman wearing a clown nose and yellow sweater with polka dots on her chest, standing in front of a blue background
Klovneteater –
an illustration of a cookie with eyes and mouth wide open in front of a blue background
Pannekaka -
a brown teddy bear wearing a white hat
Dyreklinikk –
three stuffed animals sitting next to each other on a pink background and one is wearing a red shirt
Dyrene i hundremeterskogen –
Minnie Mouse, Minnie
Dukketeater i eske
two young children sitting at a table with buckets of food on top of them
a brown teddy bear wearing a sweater and sitting on a white surface with one eye open
Teddyen min
two dolls are sitting next to each other
a baby doll is wearing a red dress
Jeg gikk meg over sjø og land
a doll with blonde hair is standing in front of a drum set on the floor
several pieces of art are hanging on the wall with long sticks in front of them
three plastic cups sitting on top of a table
Koppe orkester