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someone is holding their hand over some paper cups with numbers and nuts in them on a blue background
Tell med puffet ris – Barnehagemix.no
Jewellery, Bobby Pins, Accessories, Ute, Opp, Slik, Vei, Jewelry
Bokstavklyper – Barnehagemix.no
Ord, Enamel Pins
Bygg ord med klosser – Barnehagemix.no
the letters are spelled with plastic caps to spell out word names in english and spanish
Melkekartongbokstaver – Barnehagemix.no
a blue bicycle is parked on the street
På leting etter sirker
an electronic device is laying on the floor with some wires attached to it's side
Form med fyrstikker
a line drawing of different types of socks
Sorter like sokker