Cute idea for Christmas

Candy Cane heart lollipops - bake at for 3 minutes, then take out & quickly shape like a heart around a lollipop stick. You could fill the candy cane heart with white chocolate!

Christmas Decor

Create some easy holiday candle decor. Tie Cinnamon sticks around a glass candle holder. I would use a rubber band to hold the cinnamon sticks in place, than tie a pretty ribbon over it.

Poinsettia Luminarias in ice  DIY Start with a small bloom clipped at the base. Seal the stem with a flame, and push the bloom facedown into a large plastic cup. Pour distilled water -- for clearest ice -- into container and fill 1/3 full. A smaller container in the center weighted down with rocks, creates a hollow center. Freeze. Thaw the ice slightly to unmold and place a votive #candle inside. #Christmas #Holidays

Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

Poinsettia bloom, clipped (seal stem w/flame), face down in large plastic cup. Fill cup full w/distilled water (makes clearest ice). Put smaller cup w/rocks for weight in center and freeze. Thaw slightly to unmold and place votive candle inside.