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Marketing principle
Top marketing principle: people buy benefits and outcomes, not products and services. Sell the dream, then prove you can deliver it.
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Deep Habits: Use Index Cards to Accelerate Important Projects - Cal Newport
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Content strategy
Follow this list to build your content strategy in an hour or less. It's not that complicated. Put one together, then adjust later if needed.
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Organize Your Life with Index Cards | Listly List
the index card system for elementary students
The Index Card System
The index card system uses index cards for recording facts, and then organizes these cards into a straightforward outline.
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Content marketing
The efficacy of your content marketing will shoot up when you start repurposing content. Turn one piece into another. Turn ideas into multiple posts. Repeat indefinitely.
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Copywriting tip
Copywriting tip: make your reader the main character of the story you're building. Don't make it you or your brand. That's how you get more followers, subscribers, customers, and clients.
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High-ROI copywriting tip
High-ROI copywriting tip: turn your CTAs into CTBs. In most cases, more people will click if you make things more obviously beneficial.