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Hidden Beach - El Nido, Philippines lewisldt

Hidden Beach - El Nido, Philippines @lewisldt - "Amazing Island hopping tour from El Nido, Philippines to Hidden beach. One thing about this country? It have to be on your bucket list ! #Backpackerstory #backpacker #travel #destination

Tibiao - Antigue, Philippines @mykeekym - #philippines #backpacker #travel #destination

Kayangan Lake - Coron, Philippines @carlyylouisee - "Enjoying the view #Backpackerstory #backpacker #philippines

Kawasan Falls - Cebu, Philippines @nadircaribb "Great day at the Kawasan Falls" #backpacker #backpackerstory #kawasanfalls #philippines

El Nido - Palawan, Philippines "We have so much love for the Universe"

El Nido - Palawan, Philippines saltinourhair "Glass bottom kayaking in El Nido"

Apo Island, Philippines leonardomedici "Turtle diving. Remember to keep your distance and don't touch the underwater world"

Chocolate Hills - Bohol, Philippines backpack_full_adventure "There are at least 1,700 hills spread over an area more than 50 square kilometres. They are covered with green grass that turns brown (like Chocolate) during the dry season, hence the name"

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