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Not only do homemade melts help soothe teething pain but they make an easy and healthy snack for toddlers and kids, too. These 2-Ingredient Yogurt Melts are great for your baby and toddler! Serve as a cold refreshing treat, as a gumming tool to help ease teething pain, or for a quick yummy snack! These yogurt melts are easy to make and full of essential nutrients for growing baby. Great for 8+ months!
How to Make Yogurt Melts for Baby and Toddlers
Not only do homemade melts help soothe teething pain but they make an easy and healthy snack for toddlers and kids, too. These 2-Ingredient Yogurt Melts are great for your baby and toddler! Serve as a cold refreshing treat, as a gumming tool to help ease teething pain, or for a quick yummy snack! These yogurt melts are easy to make and full of essential nutrients for growing baby. Great for 8+ months!
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Butter Noodles with Peas for Baby, Toddler and Kids (picky eater fave; 9+ months!)
Sometimes, a bowl of no-fuss Butter Noodles is just the meal you need for busy weeknights or back to school. My version of Butter Noodles starts with the classic egg noodles and butter before I add a few peas and a good sprinkle of parmesan. To keep this 4-Ingredient dish kid-friendly, there is no garlic or lemon. Made in less than 15 minutes, this is a whole family dinner that's loved by baby, toddlers (picky eaters), and kids! 9+ months.
the back to school lunch box idea is an easy and fun way to teach kids how to
Back To School Lunch Box Idea (easy to prepare, customizable and kid approved!)
Great for home or school, this Back-to-School Lunch Idea is a fun way to serve lunch for kids on their first day back at school! Great packed in your favorite lunch box or served on a plate at home. Easy to customize and quick to make the night before! Picky eater-approved lunch ideas for daycare, school or home school.
20 Stage One Baby Food Recipes (NEW recipes, tips, tricks; 6+ months)
New and Improved and by far the most popular post on the blog, these 20 Stage One Baby Food Purees will tempt your baby’s taste buds! These simple, homemade baby food recipes use nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables with an added pinch of spice that makes them out-of-this-world delicious! They’re great for babies 6+ months of age and take just minutes to prepare. Budget-friendly and freezer-friendly baby food. Feeding baby made simple!
the book cover for whole wheat chocolate chip cookies, with two hands holding one cookie
Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies for Toddlers and Kids (lunch box idea; gluten free option)
Easy and quick to make Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies! The perfect treat for the whole family! Ready to enjoy in 20 minutes and made with simple ingredients, these cookies are a wonderful combination of perfectly chewy and crunchy. Great as a lunch box idea, after-school snack, or toddler snack. Quick and easy to make and your kids will love helping you make them in the kitchen!
blueberry pie smoothie for toddlers and kids
Healthy Blueberry Pie Smoothie for Toddlers and Kids (easy summer treat for kids!)
It's so hot that we have embraced our new frozen diet – smoothies for breakfast and lunch, popsicles for snacks, ice cream for dinner. This healthy Blueberry Pie Smoothie tastes just like your favorite summer dessert but is full of healthy proteins, fiber, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and probiotics for a delicious and nutritious protein-packed, breakfast smoothie for the entire family! This super healthy smoothie makes a healthy snack for toddlers and kids, too. Beat the heat this summer!
an advertisement for a baby food and drink product with the title avocado spinach pesto pasta
Avocado Spinach Pesto Pasta for Baby, Toddler and Kids (hidden veggie; picky eater fave; BLW)
Looking for a deceivingly quick family dinner that can be made in less than 15 minutes with minimal ingredients and effort? Then, I got you! This warm Avocado Spinach Pesto Pasta is made with eight simple ingredients as well as a hidden veggie and is easily customizable to your family’s food preferences. It will surely have any picky eater going back for seconds! Perfect for baby-led weaning for babies 6+ months. Not only will your picky eater love this one-pot pasta recipe but adults will love it too for the ultimate family pasta dinner!
a small glass bowl filled with food on top of a white plate and text reads roasted yellow squash puree stage one - 4 months quick
Easy Roasted Yellow Squash Baby Food Puree (stage 1; 4+ months)
There is something so magically summer about yellow squash and it makes a super healthy first food for baby. This fun and tasty Roasted Yellow Squash with Olive Oil with Cilantro Baby Food Puree will be a hit with your little one! Creamy, rich and full of flavor, it’s hard not to love this amazing homemade baby food puree. Great baby food for 4 months and up – stage 1 baby food. Super easy to make with fridge and freezer instructions. So much better than store-bought baby food - and tastes so much better. Use up your garden veggies to make homemade baby food this summer.
a baby's food guide for cauliflower for baby
Cauliflower for Baby (first food; purees or baby-led weaning!)
In this guide, we’ll go over all the information you need to serve cauliflower to your baby as a puree, as a finger food, or for baby-led weaning. Cauliflower is a nutrient-rich veggie that makes for a great first food for baby! In this homemade baby food guide, we will go over the benefits of cauliflower, how to prepare it for your baby, FAQs, feeding tips, spices to add, and so much more! You can serve cauliflower as a stage one baby food puree, as a soft solid for the finger food stage for babies 9+ months, or for baby-led weaning for babies 6+ months.
the cover of an easy mango popsicle recipe for babies, toddlers and kids
Healthy Mango Popsicles for Baby, Toddler and Kids (best summer frozen treat for kiddos; 9+ months)
Healthy popsicles are a must-make during summer when the kids are home and they need a refreshing frozen treat for kid snack. These easy and healthy Mango Popsicles are a favorite summertime treat. Packed with just the right balance of sweetness and tanginess, the fresh mango flavor is out of this world! Healthy toddler snack. Great for babies 9+ months.
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how to serve oranges to baby and toddler
How to Serve Oranges to Baby and Toddler (6+ months; puree or baby-led weaning)
Learn how to serve this citrusy, vitamin C-packed fruit to baby with our helpful guide. Oranges are full of essential nutrients and minerals, perfect for boosting immune function and supporting healthy babies and toddlers. Serve oranges as a baby food puree or for baby-led weaning starting at 6+ months. Great as a baby snack and toddler snack or serve with lunch or dinner as a super easy homemade baby food.
six healthy toddler meal ideas
64 Healthy Toddler Meal Ideas (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks!)
Great for picky eaters, these 64 Healthy Toddler Meal Ideas are nutritious, simple to make and can be customized to fit any toddler’s preferences. Healthy breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner ideas to make mealtime easier for the entire family! Feeding a toddler can be a rollercoaster but this healthy toddler lunch roundup should help make your life easier! Toddler and picky eater approved (by my picky eater!)
chicken squash, cauliflower baby food recipe for babies and toddlers to make
Healthy Chicken Squash and Cauliflower Baby Food (puree and baby-led weaning!)
This super healthy Chicken, Squash and Cauliflower Baby Food sheet pan meal is easy to make into a smooth, easy-to-eat puree for baby or is an ideal meal for baby-led weaning. Either way, you serve it, it’s great for 6+ months and up. I love the ease of sheet pan meals for quick and easy weeknight dinners. Very little prep, hands-off cooking, and minimal cleanup time. All of that is true for my baby sheet pan meal, which is perfect whether your little one is eating purees, if you are doing baby-led weaning or if your baby is in the finger food stage.
the easy pizza bagels cookbook is shown with instructions to make them in minutes
Easy Pizza Bagels for Toddlers and Kids (lunch box idea and picky eater fave!)
Pizza Bagels are a fun, fast and family-friendly recipe that everyone will love! These 10-minute pizza bagels are super customizable and a hearty choice for lunch, dinner, or even snacks! these easy homemade pizza bagels, you get the option to personalize your pizza, load it with veggies and other healthy toppings, AND they’re less expensive than buying store-bought pizza bagel bites or rolls. Plus, these pizza bagels can be put together in 10 minutes! A quick snack, lunch, or dinner to the rescue!
the postparum recovery kit includes various products, including breast pads and bras
Must-Have Postpartum Recovery Kit (vaginal or c-section birth essentials for new moms)
If you're looking for an amazing gift idea for a new mom or expectant mother, this postpartum recovery kit is the way to go! Pregnancy and birth can be a wild and unpredictable ride. But one area you can definitely prepare for is making sure your postpartum kit is ready at home. Our guide to the best postpartum recovery essentials is perfect for supporting mamas with vaginal or c-section deliveries. Great baby shower gift idea, too! Awesome gift guide full of must-have ideas!