It's the Groke, or whatever it's called in english. Somewhat sloppy Hufsa, or the Groke.

Morko the Groke by luckycooley

Morko the Groke by luckycooley


The Groke from the Moomins. If something ever scared me, the groke did. The Groke

claw hands

I think the Groke is the most feared monster in Finland But Groke (or Mörkö as we say) is one of my favourite moomin charakter. The Groke


One of Tove Jansson's own original illustrations of her "Groke" character in the Moomintroll books.


Little Gems, Full episode guides, loads of images, text, sounds from a vast list of old childrens TV

bug eyed

The Groke is coming to freeze you. *___* She ( yes, groke is female.o ) is my childhood´s nightmare. O__o (digital work. too messy. Groke s winter

dark circles

dark circles