Bunad..What traditional clothing of the Norwegian people, is called.

This is a Bunad traditional dress of Norway. The head piece is called a skaut, and is worn by married women. Other headpieces are worn by young girls, like beaded caps. Unmarried women wear headband like wraps for their head pieces.

Another Telemark bunad

Bridal costume (bunad) for rent at Almankås in Bø in Telemark County - www.

Rukkastakk mede rosa silkeliv, blå silkekanting, bringeduk brodert på stramei, sølv fra sylvsmidja.no på Voss. Foto Vibeke Hjønnevåg http://home.online.no/~vi-hjoen/

Bilderesultat for rukkastakk Ål

FolkCostume&Embroidery: East Telemark, Norway, embroidered shirts for Raudtrøye and Beltestakk

Hello all, Today I will continue my series on East Telemark costume by talking about the shirts. This garment is called skjorte, .