mini pizzas

This mini pizza packaging is one of a kind because it is functional by having space for the pizza and utensils, it is convenient for someone on the go and the design is appropriate for an office woman who likes to accentuate her style.

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Really well re-branded package design with a with a clean and nice layout. Re-Branding Gillette, via CAP on TTL Design.


Wine-gifting: This package design is so simple but so eye catching. It's showing off the wine in a way that just putting it in a bag wouldn't be able to do.

Krasnogorie - Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery -


Krasnogorie (Red Mountains) is a Ural brand of meat delicacies and sausages from the Chelyabinsk meat processing plant.

student concept for perfume #packaging PD

23 examples of student package design work

Insal’arte beautiful salad packages

Insal’arte beautiful salad packages - I couldn't decide whether this belonged in "packaging" or "typography".

Quartz Champagne (Student Project), Designers: Max Molitor & Cajza Nyden -

Quartz Champagne (Student Project)

Ballerino Sewing Kit by Stacy Park

Packaging Inspiration

Brilliant Packaging Design examples for your inspiration this week // Introducing moirestudiosjkt a thriving website and graphic design studio