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Be Careful With your Words, They Can Only Be Forgiven, Not Forgotten. — MantraBand® Bracelets

Be careful with what roles u play look at your scripts. Do they have bad words in them? If not go for it, if so then just back out, your words can only be forgiven after all.

and i took the hurtful words as a normal thing More

What cuts like a knife, deep down to the bone? What scars you for life, won't leave you alone? Echoing through your head. they keep on repeating. You never really heal.

Shapes of the ear 1

how to draw an ear step 5

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key words for writing in English Read a section to the class with your partner.

you're a lizard, harry. potter puns.

His names Voldetort No it's not his names Susan and he wants you to respect his life choices!

What the Harry Potter books thought us..

And James Potter taught us that a bully can become a hero.<<<this should have been on the picture rather than Umbridge, she taught me nothing except that there is someone worse than Voldemort

I never saw the similarities before and it's cool as these are my two favourite film series.

Mary Brown - Harry Potter and Star Wars parallels Infographic on Behance

Foto met animatie

Saved for Dumbledore dancing & Snape looking so happy.

Uhmmm I think Rose would almost always pay attention in class. But I like that Scorp is looking at her< it was said that while rose did inherit her mother's smarts, she inherited her fathers personality and appetite so this makes sense to me.

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