11 Pins
there is a piece of cake on the plate
there is a cake with strawberries on it
Pavlova krans – enkel og kjempegod oppskrift
there is a cake that has been cut in half on the plate and ready to be eaten
Gladkokkens Eplekake - Farlig god
a heart shaped cake with chocolates and berries on it's side, sitting on a table
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a chocolate cake with swirly frosting sitting on top of a wooden cutting board
Saftig sjokoladekake | Coop Marked - Coop Marked / Matkroken
a pan filled with food sitting on top of a stove
Prinsessekake | Gunhild i et eggeskall
a chocolate cake with one slice missing from it
Mørk sjokoladekake med smørkremglasur
several pieces of food on a white plate with a cup of coffee in the background
Sarah Bernhardt i langpanne med gul krem - Oppskrifter