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pink and white flowers are in the grass
Gladiolus The sword like stem and blossoms of the beautiful gladiolus are the reason for its name, the gladiolus was originally the flower given to victorious roman gladiators. Through the years the flower has come to represent strength of character.
the front cover of august's gladiolus, featuring pink flowers and green leaves
Women | News, Politics, Lifestyle, and Expert Opinions
August Birth Flower - Gladiolus
the rules for how to play legends are born in august, with text above it
ain't that a bunch of facts!
a poem written in the language leo on a blue and white background with words below it
I'd like to believe this is true...
a lion with a crown on it's head and the words leo season is approaching
Leo Season
two black women are smiling and one has an afro hairdow on her head
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Angela Evelyn Bassett-Vance (born Angela Evelyn Bassett; August 16, 1958 - 56 years of age.) is an American actress, screenwriter, producer and film director.
[BORN] Halle Berry / Born: Halle Maria Berry, August 14, 1966 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA #actor Hally Berry, Celebrity Baby Pictures, Celebrity Yearbook Photos, Famous Kids, Photo Star, Celebrities Then And Now, Celebrities Before And After, Young Celebrities, Black Celebrities
Gues Who?celebrities In Their Childhood. - Celebrities - Nigeria
[BORN] Halle Berry / Born: Halle Maria Berry, August 14, 1966 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA #actor
the leo female is a strong, loyal lover quote on blue background with orange and black lettering
Strong & Loyal.
a lion with the words i can't keep calm because i am also
Because I'm a Leo and I have anxiety this is so Perfect!! Haha it's me im never calm -Michelle
the zodiac sign for leo woman on a pink shirt
♡ grr..i mean purr