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No matter what size your space for a vegetable garden - large acreage or small apartment -- you've got room to grow *something! Here you'll find information on…
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Are you composting coffee grounds? Or using them in the vegetable garden? Used coffee grounds are a great way to improve your garden soil. And good soil = better harvest! Don't waste this valuable FREE resource - toss the remains of your morning cup of Joe in the compost!
Composting Coffee Grounds
Are you composting coffee grounds? Or using them in the vegetable garden? Used coffee grounds are a great way to improve your garden soil. And good soil = better harvest! Don't waste this valuable FREE resource - toss the remains of your morning cup of Joe in the compost!
a purple radish with the words how to grow kohlrabi on it
How to Grow and Eat Kohlrabi
Learn how to grow kohlrabi from seed or starts. Growing kohlrabi is an asset to your health; the entire plant is edible and nutritious. Kohlrabi is a cool weather brassica with a bulbous stem that has a mild, sweet, and earthy flavor. It’s unusual looking, but as it grows you’ll be delighted with how it tastes!
a close up of a plant with the words natural aphid control
Natural Aphid Killer: How to Control Aphids in a Pesticide Free Garden
Looking for a natural way to get rid of those pesky aphids? These pests require a two-pronged approach in many cases. Here's how to eliminate these little bugs in the garden - and save the tender plant shoots they love to nosh on.
some green flowers with the words saving basil seeds
How to Harvest Basil Seeds (And Grow Free Plants!)
If you’re growing basil in your garden, you have a perpetual source of free seeds. You just need to learn how to harvest basil seeds and save them for next year! You'll never need to buy basil seeds again.
how to save vegetable seeds with labels on them and some type of seed mix in a jar
How to Save Heirloom Seeds for Next Year’s Garden
Seed saving is something gardeners have been doing forever. It’s a great way to maintain a continuous supply of heirloom or open-pollinated seeds. Instead of depending on the nursery or your favorite seed catalog every year, learn how to save seeds from crops you grow and plant them again the following year.
close up of chive plant in a blue container. Chive Plant, Perennial Flower Beds, Chive Seeds, Growing Chives, Spring Vegetable Garden, Chives Plant, Harvesting Garlic, Survival Preparedness
Growing Chives in the Home Garden.
This herb is easy to grow and great to have on hand for quick flavor. Plant some in your herb garden or vegetable garden. Chives can also be planted in perennial flower beds like an ornamental because of its tidy clumps of green leaves and purple flowers in late spring to early summer. An added bonus is that the flowers attract beneficial insects to the garden.
purple flowers growing in the dirt with text overlaying it that reads growing thyme
THYME: Plant this Versatile Herb for Flavor & Beauty
Growing thyme in the home garden provides flavor for the table, but it’s also a versatile plant that can fill many needs in the landscape!
blueberries growing on a tree with the words growing blueberries
Growing Blueberries in Containers for Summertime Sweets
Growing blueberries in containers is a great way to produce some of your own fruit right in your own backyard. You don’t need a lot of space – they do great in containers. Plus? They’re a very pretty plant.
growing cucumbers with text overlay that says growing cucumbers
How to Grow the Best Cucumbers in Your Backyard
Fresh cucumbers add a fresh, light flavor to salads, but they’re also a great addition to smoothies. And of course, they’re the main ingredient in a variety of pickle recipes. Here’s what you need to know about growing pickling cucumbers or cukes for fresh eating, from temperature requirements to cucumber watering.
a green beetle sitting on top of a yellow flower with the words organic pest control in the vegetable garden
Put Down the Poisons! Try Organic Pest Control Instead.
Organic pest control doesn’t have to mean fruits and veggies riddled with worms. Here’s how to use organic pest control methods to keep your vegetable garden thriving without pest damage — and without poison.
a bowl filled with different types of vegetables and the words 10 crops for a survival garden
What to Grow in a Survival Garden
If you’re like most gardeners, you pack your growing space to full capacity: Tomatoes, lettuce, peas, beets, carrots, and cabbage are common garden crops. But planning a survival garden — one that will sustain your family in times of need — requires a bit more consideration.
the cover of growing shalfots shows onions, garlic and other vegetables in bowls
Growing Shallots for Gourmet Gardening
Shallots aren’t onions, even though they may look like small onion bulbs. They aren’t garlic bulbs either, even though they grow in heads with multiple cloves. Shallots are a tasty vegetable in a category all their own. Here's how to grow them in your vegetable garden!
growing cilantro in the garden with text overlay that reads growing cilantro
How to Grow Cilantro in the Garden (Spoiler: It's EASY!)
Cilantro is an easy-to-grow herb that adds flavor to a variety of recipes. Read this cilantro growing guide to get started with this plant in your garden. #vegetablegarden #herbgarden
how to grow swiss chardishes in the garden
Swiss Chard: A Great Green for Your Garden!
Growing Swiss chard in containers is a great way for urbanites to grow some greens. Of course, Swiss chard is a great addition to an in-ground vegetable garden, too. A single Swiss chard plant will produce for months! Swiss chard — also known as silverbeet — is less finicky in the garden than spinach and milder in flavor than kale.
a potted plant sitting on top of a wooden table with the words growing stevia above it
How to Grow Stevia
Growing stevia is a way to produce some of your own natural sweetener (it’s calorie free!). Plus, the stevia plant is easy to grow and makes a pretty addition to your herb or edible front yard garden.