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growing cucumbers with text overlay that says growing cucumbers
How to Grow the Best Cucumbers in Your Backyard
Fresh cucumbers add a fresh, light flavor to salads, but they’re also a great addition to smoothies. And of course, they’re the main ingredient in a variety of pickle recipes. Here’s what you need to know about growing pickling cucumbers or cukes for fresh eating, from temperature requirements to cucumber watering.
blueberry jam in jars with sliced bread on the side and text overlay that reads, blueberry jam
Blueberry Jam Recipe for Canning
This blueberry jam recipe for canning is a flavorful way to preserve fresh blueberries while they’re in season. Fill your pantry with jars of this delicious blueberry jam with ginger. Spread it on toast for a taste of summertime all year round!
a bowl filled with different types of vegetables and the words 10 crops for a survival garden
What to Grow in a Survival Garden
If you’re like most gardeners, you pack your growing space to full capacity: Tomatoes, lettuce, peas, beets, carrots, and cabbage are common garden crops. But planning a survival garden — one that will sustain your family in times of need — requires a bit more consideration.
a glass bowl filled with green onions on top of a white table next to a spoon
Drying Green Onions - 2 Ways
Whether you’re buying bunches of green onions at the store or harvesting them from the garden, drying green onions is a great way to preserve them.
basil growing in the garden with text overlay that reads, how to grow basil
Basil 101: From Growing & Harvesting Basil to Using it in the Kitchen
Sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum) is an annual herb used frequently in Italian cooking and is the base for our favorite pesto recipe. It’s not the only type of basil, though. There are many types of basil to choose from. Some are purple, some are ruffled, and some, like Thai basil, are favored for specific cuisines.
homemade almond granola in a white bowl
How to Make Granola: Honey Granola Recipe That Won't Break the Bank
This homemade almond granola recipe is a delicious alternative to boxed cereal. The vanilla maple flavors of this crispy granola make it a great alternative to boxed breakfast cereal — it’s so much less expensive! Or sprinkle some on a bowl of yogurt for a higher protein breakfast.
blueberry juice in a wine glass with berries and mint on the side that says, blueberry juice
How to Make Blueberry Juice
When fresh blueberries are plentiful, it’s your chance to indulge in some delicious homemade blueberry juice. Enjoy it over ice or as an ingredient in a summertime cocktail. This is also how you'd extract juice for making blueberry jelly!
the cover of growing parsnips by attable sustenale net
Growing Parsnips
Growing parsnips as a cool-weather garden crop is a sweet and delicious way to harvest some veggies during the fall and sometimes winter seasons. Parsnips are a tasty and versatile vegetable that are wonderful roasted, mashed, added to soups and stews, or eaten raw in salads. You’ll love having these delicious, creamy, carrot-like veggies growing right in your home garden!
the cover of growing okra, with an image of a flower budding up
Growing Okra in the Home Garden - Attainable Sustainable®
Home gardeners are in for a surprise the first time they plant and grow okra: the flowers look like beautiful hollyhock blooms. Growing okra in the vegetable garden nets fruit that is delicious baked or pickled!
the cover of growing pumpkins
How to Grow Pumpkins
Growing pumpkins in your garden provides a delightful harvest that can be used to carve jack-o-lanterns or to put a harvest on the table. It’s a staple crop that can last well into the winter with little effort.
growing rhubarb in the garden with text overlay that reads growing rhubarb
How to Grow Rhubarb – the Plant that Keeps on Giving
Growing rhubarb in the home garden offers an annual harvest from a pretty, somewhat tropical-looking perennial. Plant some now and it will produce for years. Decades, even!
pink penstemon flowers on a tall stalk. Urban Homesteading, Growing Food Indoors, Urban Homestead, Homestead Ideas, Pollinator Garden, Barnyard Animals, Organic Produce
Growing Penstemon for Pollinators
Plant penstemons in your perennial pollinator garden, they’ll add beauty and will attract many pollinators. These plants are easy to care for, low maintenance, and great for drought conditions. Also known as “beardtongue,” these pretty plants have a unique look and are a nice addition to any yard. Just ask the bees!
a potted plant sitting on top of a wooden table with the words growing stevia above it
How to Grow Stevia
Growing stevia is a way to produce some of your own natural sweetener (it’s calorie free!). Plus, the stevia plant is easy to grow and makes a pretty addition to your herb or edible front yard garden.
wooden utensils and combs with the title 20 + ways to use less plastic
Single Use Plastic: 20+ Easy Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Waste
As recycling plastic becomes more and more difficult, we need to figure out how to reduce the amount of plastic that comes into our homes. Take some of these ideas to heart!
a red planter filled with green grass and the words growing fodder for your flock
Growing Fodder for Livestock & Poultry to Cut Feed Costs
Ready to cut your animal feed costs substantially? Learn how to grow fodder for chickens and other livestock! Whole grains like oats, wheat, or barley make for an easy way to provide fresh greens to your flock.