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This spicy chipotle hummus recipe is easy to make and a great addition to wraps or game day appetizers. So much better than store bought! #vegan #vegetarian
Making tangerine or orange liqueur at home is easy, and it's a fun way to preserve the citrus harvest. This homemade triple sec uses the season's abundance of tangerines or oranges. You'll be so happy to have this pop of flavor for DIY cocktails or flavoring meals. #booze #recipe #liquor via @Attainable Sustainable
This homemade applesauce recipe doesn't require any measuring at all. I've been making it like this since I was a child and it's still a winner. If you're used to picking up a jar of applesauce at the supermarket, you're going to be pleasantly surprised. Homemade applesauce is easy to make and much less expensive. #canning #preserving #homestead via @Attainable Sustainable

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a ladle full of meat sauce being lifted from an instant pressure cooker
Easy Instant Pot Meat Sauce to Make Tonight - Attainable Sustainable®
There’s nothing like an Italian red sauce for a comforting, filling meal. This rich and flavorful Instant Pot spaghetti sauce is so easy; perfect for a weeknight meal. Serve it over pasta, polenta, or just alongside a loaf of crusty French bread for dipping!
tomato chutney canning recipe with bread on the side
Tomato Chutney Recipe: Sweet and Savory Flavor
This tomato chutney is one of my favorite recipes for preserving an abundant tomato crop from the vegetable garden. It's spicy and sweet and full of fresh tomato flavor. It is really very easy and so worth it!
As recycling plastic becomes more and more difficult, as consumers, we need to figure out how to reduce the amount of plastic that comes into our homes. Take some of these ideas to heart! Make Your Own Toothpaste, Reduce Plastic Use, Large Glass Jars, Plastic Pollution, Environmental Health, Reproductive Health, Simplify Your Life, Reduce Waste, Easy Ideas
20+ Easy Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Waste
As recycling plastic becomes more and more difficult, as consumers, we need to figure out how to reduce the amount of plastic that comes into our homes. Take some of these ideas to heart!
an easy buttermilk substance in a glass with a wooden spoon and lemons behind it
How To Make Sour Milk With Lemon Juice - An Easy Buttermilk Substitute
This quick and easy kitchen hack for how to make sour milk with lemon juice is good to keep on hand for those moments when you’re already deep into prepping a dish and realize you don’t have buttermilk!
cucumber growing on a vine. Cucumber Seedlings, How To Grow Cucumbers, Grow Cucumbers, Cucumber Gardening, Cucumber Plant, Cucumber Seeds, Growing Cucumbers, Organic Tomatoes, Garden Veggies
Growing Cucumbers in the Backyard Garden
Fresh cucumbers add a fresh, light flavor to salads, but they’re also a great addition to smoothies. Here’s what you need to know about growing pickling cucumbers (aka cukes) for fresh eating, from temperature requirements to cucumber watering. Plant some in your vegetable garden!
canned jalapenos in canning jars with text overlay reading candied jalapenos canning recipe
Candied Jalapeno Peppers (Canning Recipe)
Candied jalapeño peppers — sometimes referred to as “cowboy candy” — make a great pantry staple for adding flavor to a variety of recipes. This easy canning recipe calls for the water bath method, making it perfect for beginning canners.
green onion dip in a white bowl with chips
Green Onion Dip Recipe: Make it for Your Next Bash (No Packet Required)
Made from fresh ingredients, this easy green onion dip recipe is a healthier stand-in than store-bought flavor packets. Add this easy sour cream dip to your next big game party or holiday appetizer buffet.
a spoon full of chunky applesauce sitting on top of an apple
Chunky Applesauce (Canning or Fresh Eating)
This homemade applesauce recipe starts with apples fresh from the backyard orchard or farmers market and results in a flavor-packed sauce. And it couldn’t be easier. Enjoy it fresh or dive in to learn about canning applesauce for the pantry.
green grapes in jars with the title canning grapes
Canning Grapes
If you've got an abundance of late summer grapes, consider canning them! It's an easy way to preserve them for adding to fruit or chicken salads all year long.
a white bowl filled with green sauce next to garlic
Easy 5-Ingredient Cilantro Sauce
For fast flavor, this easy cilantro sauce can’t be beat! It’s super simple to make with fresh ingredients, and combined with lime and garlic, it’s a great way to utilize an exuberant crop of cilantro.
pineapple jam recipe in a jar with spoon and pineapples on the side
How to Make Pineapple Jam (Safe Canning Recipe)
Ready to make your own pineapple jam? This recipe transforms a favorite tropical fruit into a shelf stable jam that is more delicious than the store-bought option. This small batch jam recipe for a not-too- sweet jam preserves the flavor of ripe pineapple in a jar.
banana pepper hot sauce in a mason jar
Banana Pepper Recipe: Fermented Hot Sauce
This fermented banana pepper sauce makes a spicy condiment packed full of flavor and probiotics. Better yet? This banana pepper recipe is a snap to make! #fermenting
the cover of growing shalfots shows onions, garlic and other vegetables in bowls
Growing Shallots for Gourmet Gardening
Shallots aren’t onions, even though they may look like small onion bulbs. They aren’t garlic bulbs either, even though they grow in heads with multiple cloves. Shallots are a tasty vegetable in a category all their own. Here's how to grow them in your vegetable garden!
a jar filled with pickled green beans on top of a white table next to other vegetables
Refrigerator Dilly Beans Recipe -- Fresh From the Garden Goodness!
These refrigerator pickled green beans are an easy way to preserve some of your garden fresh beans. Pickling them extends the shelf life of fresh beans, allowing you to keep them for months. These refrigerator pickled green beans are my new go-to for pickling. They’re easy to make in small batches as beans from the garden ripen.
growing cilantro in the garden with text overlay that reads growing cilantro
How to Grow Cilantro in the Garden (Spoiler: It's EASY!)
Cilantro is an easy-to-grow herb that adds flavor to a variety of recipes. Read this cilantro growing guide to get started with this plant in your garden. #vegetablegarden #herbgarden