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two white lawn chairs sitting on top of a wooden deck under a pergolated roof
Sung Dobson House by Sam Crawford Architects
an outdoor area with some bushes and trees on the side of the building, along with a pergolated walkway
Look Inside The French Laundry’s Stunning New Kitchen by Snøhetta
an architectural rendering of a modern house with wood slats
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a driveway with a fire hydrant and palm trees in front of the garage area
Carport alu haut de gamme, abri voiture alu sur mesure | Anavi
an outdoor covered area with trees and bushes in the background, next to a fence
Carport alu 2 voitures, carport double alu sur mesure | Anavi
an empty garage in front of a white building
Carport aus Stahl
a black car parked in front of a garage with lights on the side of it
Carport Bauhaus HPL - Die Witterungsbeständige Variante
two cars are parked in front of a house at night with lights on the roof
Carport BAUHAUS HPL – Pfiff Carports