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Choose Wisely CYOA Redesign your life This would be awesome

Choose Wisely CYOA Redesign your life Id go for the power of the wallet 5 languages perk 3 crafts/skills disease immunity

1IcnjJx.jpg (1280×7194)

1IcnjJx.jpg (1280×7194)

An Adventure In A New World CYOA - Imgur

Adventures in a new world CYOA. Nobledark: I want to have adventure and turn it into the Noblebright setting. Good Friend: really, what could be better than having a large monster want to be y CYOA

Derelict Station CYOA - Imgur

Alright this is a pretty cool one, if a bit basic on details of what to pick, so i went with 1 from each if not specified. Engineer degree Survivalist armour (w CYOA

Hmm.... I think I'll go with exploration in the Perverted Manor with an extra chance and a pendant.

i want to explore the pirate's island with an extra chance and a master reward. drawback will either be a prisoner or double up with mystery in the hunter's castle with an companion and mirror


terf/ Athis , tee ‘ind yourself in d hall, net remembering where yep were deidre getting in there er hdw got in there. d tell: - with d CYOA

I think I'd pick The Architect, The Astral Informant, and the Abyssal Bestiary.

Eldritch Revelation The Architect, Flesh Sculpture, and The Astral Informant