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Академический рисунок | VK

Hände zeichnen und malen (Hands Study by ~shemit on deviantART) I rather like how the bones and skin were drawn together in this.

Mooooore Hands by ~conniiption on deviantART

Hope I've improved since the last time I dumped one of these here. If you'd like to see more sketches, original art, or work for my junior film (soon to.

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Here are some vector drawn cartoon hands that you can use in Flash. Add these to your library of cartoon body parts in Flash.

Preston Blair hand poses. This is so helpful especially since my cartoons usually have nice faces and legs, but awful hands. xD

Preston Blair’s Animation (Book is the best “how to” book on cartoon animation ever published. When Blair put the book together in he used the characters he had animated at Disney and MGM to illustrate the various basic principles of animation.

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Today's Drawing Class "How to Draw Hands: Hands look complicated to draw but learn a few little tricks and you'll be drawing like the Masters: Cartoon hands reference