Made By Makers Creation : Lotus design

Made by Makers is a Denmark based design firm. Occasionally they hold design workshops where designers in the company have big brainstorming.

Wooden Speaker

This would just look perfect in a large open space living room! the iTree is a piece of art for audio-lovers. The iTree is a top-quality iPhone and iPod docking station made out of a simple tree trunk. KMKG Studio produces the iTree, it is made from

NIKE shoes Air Force 1 Speaker

Yowzers—Artist turns Nike Air Force 1 sneakers turned into awesome looking speaker set

Mini god Speakers

MiniGod Desktop Speakers on Gadgets Crunch! This tribal fusion MiniGod Desktop Speaker borrows its style from cultures all over the world, combined with a cool ‘urban edge’ which gives it a style all its

High Heel Fashion Speaker

Cool Designs Ideas of Speaker : Beautiful Stileto Speakers On Red Color And White Floor Color Design

Made By Makers Creation :Reframing - three days 20 ideas for others visit its link

Made By Makers Creation :Reframing - three days 20 ideas for others visit its link

House of Marley Bag of Rhythm Price: Only $349

The House of Marley - Bag of Rhythm Portable Audio System. Check out the CoverPlay soundcover if you want the definition of portable speakers!

Ancient Cave wall design Speakers by Richard Grant

British designer and sculptor Richard Grant doesn't like simple stuff. And his unusual and stunning speakers is an excellent confirmation of it. Richard decided to turn speakers into