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a poem written in black on a white background with a pine tree and the words resilince
Resilience is the capability to recover quickly from the difficulties life throws one’s way. This poem written by Alex Elle has the title of Resilience. Elle uses this poem to emphasize the power resilience can hold.
an old poem written in black and white with the words, resilince is silent and deep, like roots, it doesn't
7 Quotes on resilience to remind you of your strength
7 Quotes on resilience to remind you of your strength – Stories by Shivangi
a piece of paper with an image of flowers on it and a quote from f b holler - malott
God spoke today in flowers
God spoke today in flowers, and I... almost missed the conversation
a brown marble background with the words, it's all about your daily routine
All about your daily routines
an advertisement with the words give yourself 6 months
a black and white photo with text that reads, hey mom please keep pushing me when my door is shut