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But imagine how damaged kids born into that situation would be. I'll always remember "nobody WANTS to have an abortion." Sometimes it's the only option left.

Think about tax dollars being paid equally. Then, stop complaining.

"This is a simplification; and Beware of Simplifications. But I completely agree. I'd take an education over a mediocre meal any day, and I think society would benefit, too.

Let me remind you lgBtq. B IS FOR BISEXUALITY if you dont want us there then cut our letter and explain to the world WHY you did it. So next time you fight for the right to love whoever you want people can reply "oh but you dont give bisexuals that right so i can do the same to you"

And then with pansexuality we get all the same shit bisexuals do, as well as people telling us were just trying to be special and made up a new term for bisexual. There's so much hate and unacceptance even within the community and it breaks my heart.

Terrified of Muslims Christian church state