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a crocheted flower wreath is shown on a white surface, with the center surrounded by multicolored flowers
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a hand holding up a crocheted blue and white object in it's palm
Crochet a Micropipette Amigurumi Designed by Hatice Nur Aydın
What is a micropipette? A micropipette is a common yet an essential laboratory instrument used to accurately and precisely transfer volumes of liquid in the microliter range. :: get the pattern || get one already made :: Get the pattern via Etsy, designed by Hatice Nur Aydın, a Molecular Biology and Genetics PhD Candidate who […]
four crocheted items are laid out on the table together, including an octopus
a woman in white sweater and skirt with flower decoration on her collar, standing against a wall
a denim jacket with colorful crochet on the collar
a crocheted brooch with blue, yellow and red flowers on it's side
the crochet pattern is shown in spanish
Maniques et leurs grilles gratuites ! - Fleurs et Applications au Crochet
Maniques et leurs grilles gratuites !