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several balls of yarn are sitting on the floor
a blue and white sweater with an abstract pattern on the chest, in front of a white background
Søster Elise pattern by Hanne Larsen Strik
there is a blue knitted dishcloth on the table
🌸ВЯЗАЛЬНАЯ КОПИЛКА🌸 on Instagram: “Новый узор в нашу копилочку, очень красивый, объемный, фактурный. Идеально для шарфа, свитера, шапки, сразу возникает много идей, куда его…”
the knitting pattern is shown in purple, and it has an image of leaves on it
Узор елочка
an old fashioned baby's dress and booties are featured in the book,
Layette: robe en forme - Le blog de La malle ô trésor de Sylvie
a piece of blue knitted material sitting on top of a table next to a ruler
tutorial chaqueta azul.
the cross stitch pattern is being displayed on an instagramtion page, and it appears to have been altered
Babysocken stricken - Kostenlose Anleitung – Caros Fummeley
two sweaters are laying on the floor next to each other, one has a pair of scissors in it
the knitting pattern for this sweater is easy to make
an image of a knitted doily with scissors and knitting needles next to it
an image of the number 99 on top of a doily with numbers in it
Как вяжется кокетка?
a woman wearing a brown sweater and jeans standing in front of a wall with an intricate design on it
5 пуловеров с самыми красивыми кокетками. Фото. Схемы.
a cross stitch pattern with a lighthouse in the water and text that reads, antitastch
Lighthouse Cross Stitch Pattern | Etsy