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Jesse Houlding - The Magnet Drawing Machine: The Magnet Drawing Machines are a series of kinetic sculptures which use magnets and iron filings to draw on paper. As the magnets move, the friction between the iron and the paper makes different kinds of marks depending on the strength of the magnetic field.

Oakland-based artist Jesse Houlding has created a variety of incredible kinetic drawing devices using magnets and iron fillings

belladyson: jean tinguely and others

DAVID SHINGLER - Bird Drawing Machine It consists of a rotating arm on which is mounted a birdcage that contains two tiny birds. As the arm rotates, a stylus shoots out from time to time down and back up parallel to the arm, forming ellipses.

Make Furniture - Davies Drive

Crisp, simple and modern plywood kitchen. Oiled Birch plywood and absolute black honed granite. Lots of clever storage and a dream to work in.


Anything with an engine and wheels Most of these picture aren't mine. They've been saved from all over the net.

Meuble sous pente: étagère sous combles sur mesure

Meuble sous pente: étagère sous combles sur mesure