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a brown and white sweater hanging on a window sill
I knitted this icelandic sweater for my boyfriend who loves to go sailing. Think it will keep him warm when he is on the sea ❤ see link to my blog in the description #knitting #knit #strik #instaknit #knitstagram #fairisle #icelandicsweater #lettlopi #wool #uld #hjemmestrikket #mønsterstrikk #strikk
two balls of yarn sitting next to each other
Purl on Pearl.
herminehesse: Icelandic Sweaters (my favies to make)
the knitting pattern for this sweater is very easy to knit, and looks great on someone's body
Свитер спицами
an orange and white sweater sitting on top of a wooden floor
a woman wearing a knitted hood and scarf in front of a newspaper article about knitting
a man wearing a knitted hat and scarf with the hood pulled up over his face
Victoriya Ismailova
Вязаный мужской снуд / шапка-капюшон спицами.
a pair of blue knitted fingerless gloves next to knitting needles and yarn ball
Mitts for Miss Casey - KT's Slow Closet
Super Simple Mitts pattern by karen templer of the fringe association
three different images of the same woman's head and neck, with text that reads hooded cowl
Download wonderful crochet patterns!
Hooded Cowl Crochet Pattern
four different types of thread are shown in three rows, one is white and the other is red
Breien - aan elkaar naaien van lange sjaal. Patroon bij Etsy.com voor €4.
a woman wearing a white sweater with blue flowers on it
Nordic Summer / DROPS 161-33 - Gratis strikkeopskrifter fra DROPS Design
Strikket DROPS bluse i Baby Merino med raglan og rundt bærestykke. Str S - XXXL. Gratis opskrifter fra DROPS Design.
a woman with red hair wearing a blue and white sweater holding a black handbag
The world's catalog of creative ideas
Lia Solo
an advertisement for the knitted sweaters pattern book, with instructions to make it
Turtleneck pullover