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Comic books, movies, games blog everything related to fiction source Presented by LEAGUE OF FICTION: Jeff J. Scott Campbell Ruff Stuff Vol 2 Sketchbook Release

Jeff J. Scott Campbell Ruff Stuff Vol 2 Sketchbook Release

We did say this would be a great holiday season. Like all good things the 2012 Ruff Stuff Compilation comes with 2 books, Vol 2 being the second. My personal preference was actually this volume. Campbell tends to draw single characters and is excellent at doing it. The problem is with a standard horizontal book you don't get to see a lot of the character detailing and an element of depth is missing. You'll understand what I mean when take a look at the full sketchbook below. This one was one…


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Stop Fighting Over Small Things: Tips For Long Term Bliss - Unfinished Man

Tips to stop fighting over small things and keep the home fires burning. But by home fires, we mean sexy feelings in your pants and not premeditated arson.

Babydoll - SuckerPunch by ~gclipse on deviantART

Babydoll - SuckerPunch by gclipse on DeviantArt

Reference [link] Babydoll from the movie SuckerPunch. Done in graphite, charcoal, and gel pen. Babydoll - SuckerPunch

Babydoll  (Emily Browning) by on @deviantART

Babydoll (Emily Browning) by Adri90 on DeviantArt

Babydoll from Sucker Punch Pencil: 2H - HB - 6B - 9B Babydoll (Emily Browning)