Flavorful and super delicious Indian dal with spinach and crumbled feta

Dal is a wonderful vegetarian lentil stew/mash filled with all the fantastic Indian flavours.

Spanish stew with beef, mushroom and cream cheese

A creamy Spanish stew rounded off with cream cheese; a wonderful evening dish

Beetroot soup with creamy white cheese topping

Colourful beetroot soup full of antioxidants with a dollop of creamy feta topping, which gives this hearty and fresh soup a salty touch.

Jerusalem artichoke soup with bacon and mozzarella

Jordskokksuppe er rik på smak og passer perfekt til kalde vinterkvelder. Prøv denne deilige oppskriften til neste middag!

Cold summer soup with green vegetables (peas, asparagus, cucumber) and mint

A refreshing Summer soup with green vegetables, mint and white cheese cubes, could be a perfect match for a light lunch or as dinner appetizer.

The creamiest risotto ever, using cream cheese.  Green peas and asparagus to make it more green.

Take your risotto to the next level using cream cheese. This will give you an even creamier risotto complementing the crunchy asparagus perfectly.

Split pea soup with pancetta and feta cubes

Tre Stelle® Recipes - Split Pea Soup with TreStelle® Feta and Thyme Croutons

Classic Onion soup with a twist from Cheddar and Mozzarella

Classic Onion soup with a twist from Cheddar and Mozzarella

Creamy and delicious pumpkin soup with blended feta

A hot creamy pumpkin soup with juicy lumps of white cheese for the first cold days.