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Basic Auto Mechanic Skills

Want to know some basic auto mechanic skills? If you want to start saving money and take care of your car yourself, then you need to know these things!

Make Your Tires and Hubcaps Look Brand New

Miss that new-car feeling? You can take your ride to a car wash and pay top dollar for detailing, but this quick fix saves you the cash.

GM Gauge Repair Onalaska Wisconsin

GM Gauge Repair Onalaska Wisconsin

3 Ways to Remove a Dent in Car With a Hair Dryer - wikiHow

How to Remove a Dent in Car With a Hair Dryer. Removing a dent from your car can sometimes be quite costly, especially if you take your car to an auto body repair shop. However, as an alternative you can repair and remove some kinds of.

Then Hit It With a Hammer - How to Loosen Nuts, Bolts and Screws:

If rust penetrant alone doesn't work, create micro cracks in the rust with blows from a hammer, or even better, an air chisel and hammer bit. Then apply more rust penetrant and ”reshock“ the bolt head. Repeat until you can turn the bolt. - cracked and scratched car vinyl plastic repairs

Time-tested Advice About Fixing Your Car Problems. Photo by It is time for you to get serious about car repair so that you're not getting into situations that you don't want to be in.