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a wooden candle holder with white stars on it
Säule „Kerze“ Mehr (Diy Candles)
a white wooden sculpture on the wall
Decorative Wall Hangings 101 - Decoratoo
Decorative Wall Hangings 101
a cake decorated with pine cones and candles
🎄 Centre de table original avec rondins de bois pour noël ⛄ Inspiration de décorations et d’aménagement intérieur de noël #noel #decoDeNoel #habitation #vivahabitation #decoration #decorationInterieur #christmas #homedecor #amenagement #design
some white candles are sitting on a tree stump
a heart - shaped wooden sign with lights hanging on it's side in front of a white garage door
35 Creative DIY Heart Symbols | Art and Design
Christmas lights arranged to make a heart shape. Perfect for the holidays or even during valentines. Just in time to give spark to that love.
a wooden board with christmas ornaments hanging on it's side and lights strung from the top
10 Budget Holiday Decoration That Worth To Apply - ideacoration.co
10 budget holiday decoration that worth to apply since it is all simple, easy to perform and also not expensive and quite cheap.
a small christmas tree in a white box with ornaments around it and the word xmas on top
Reviews | DS
55 DIY Christmas Decor Ideas for the Home | Snowman Crafts
a wooden merry sign next to a door with a red bow on it's head
46 DIY Holiday Projects Using Dollar Store Ornaments - GODIYGO.COM