want to rent!

Would You Ever Live in a Micro-House?: This tiny house by architect Lars Frank Nielsen is sold by the Swedish company Add-A-Room.


Interior designer Marie Olsson Nylander's home. I want an attic just to make something like this. Love the leather chair and hugeass lamp.

fine little fika

fine little fika - love the Swedish fireplace without the raindrops! not a fan of the raindrops either.


Gotta love the summers runnin around in the Swedish forests

Jetzt dort sein...

Jacobsen Egg Chairs display the art and mastery of Arne Jacobsen perhaps better than any other Jacobsen chair. The Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair graces the world's fi


Unspoiled, remote and untraveled, Greenland is a land of wilderness, unbeaten tracks, raw landscapes and jaw-dropping vistas.


Forest lodge in Siberia. Just lock me in here with Viggo Mortensen until spring. winter art and story inspiration background scene sky forest house night


Placed on the Sweden's Stockholm Archipelago, Island House by WRB Architects is a cool seaside home intended to supplement its grand waterfront setting. This rural summer home brags a different cabin style