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Inspirational Superhero Quotes

To celebrate Free Comic Book Day, the producer of affordable children’s playground systems, Playground Equipment, has released an infographic that collects quotes…

Out here thinking he God's gift to women.nigga please

Drrrr, but kamisama kiss style

This is the best - it's like all of the "important" (excluding all the other gods) characters

Categories of actors haha

Professionals in real life / Assassins in Avengers. Frat Buds in real life / The muscles in Avengers. Children in real life / Science bros in Avengers.


Oh yea! Copy and paste this for your records bitch. Pray that you don't ever see me out. I will be loud! For ellie Stayton may you feel the wrath of karma you lying ass bitch!

kaichou wa maid sama | Tumblr

Takumi Usui’s hot moment O(≧▽≦)O - Kaichou wa Maid-sama ~ DarksideAnime

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Anyone else feel the same way bout some peps that just tick ya off? The only reason I’m still livin is because I promised my packmate that I wouldn’t.

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Couples Avatar, bleach, one piece, soul eater, . Glad to see a ton of my own ships.