Anime/manga: Fairy Tail Character: Mavis, I like that logic.Yay I'm finally a fairy tail member!

Me sometimes hahahaha,fairy tail lucy

Fairy Tail gif (When someone talks bad about Anime♥ ! As well: Lucy: the only other person besides Erza to scare Natsu and Gray half to death<<< yeah they thought she was all sweet and stuff then.

Brave like Natsu, Kind like Lucy, Strong like Erza, Cool like Gray, Happy like Happy, text; Fairy Tail

nice Fairy Tail Logo Brave Like Natsu Dragneel Erza Scarlet Lucy Heartfilla Gray Fullbuster Anime Cosplay T Shirt by zombiehorde

Stripping power! (It's a gift. And also a gif. ^_^)

Gray Fullbuster & Lyon Vastia - Fairy Tail,Anime(gif)<<< synchronised stripping: It's a gift

FT quote

people who will not only stick by you through your pain and suffering but also embrace it as if it was their own we are all of the Fairy Tail guild