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a bunch of colorful crayons are arranged in the shape of letters and numbers
Artwork published by Cassidy1948
Names in One Point Perspective - no lesson plan attached, but I think I could figure this out. A nice alternative to the landscape that I normally do. *** I just tried this with my daughter's name - my thought is that it's too difficult for 11 year olds...
a drawing on a paper plate with colored pencils in the shape of a city
Almost-Art: Perspektivtegning
an image of a colorful wheel with buildings in the center and stars on it's side
Color Wheel Perspective
Objective: Students will create a color wheel using one point perspective, accurate color placement and value CA Art Standards...
a poster with words written on it and a cartoon sun above the word's caption
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I think this woud go well with teaching student how to be good citizens as well as students....Great way to establish class behavior expectations at beginning of the year.