Anniken Johansen

Anniken Johansen

Anniken Johansen
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TRENCH DAY | Collage Vintage

The hottest coat for spring : the trench coat how to dress in spring, trench coat outfits ideas, rainy days style

Pusete Mykt Kosete Glorete Skrikende

Changing the color and material so drastically completely changes the experience of this trench coat. This trench coat gives off a more fun, bohemian vibe. IT is a far cry from the classic khaki Burberry style trench that we see so often.

Unlined Patent Leather Trench Coat | Burberry

Shop the range of women’s trench coats in seasonal and classic designs. Our Heritage Trench Coat features alongside runway-inspired styles.

Century 18 Mode robe de costume de robe de bal ensemble de circa 1752 au 1775. Fabriqué à partir de très fine soie, de la dentelle et garniture brodée de petites fleurs en hors motif floral blanc tissé dans le fond bleu pâle. Décoré avec des fleurs chapellerie chapeau.

Fashion Century ball gown dress ensemble costume circa from Made from very fine silk, lace and trim with embroidered small flower floral pattern in off white woven into the pale blue background. Hat decorated with millinery flower.