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two tin cans with flowers in them sitting on a table next to another container filled with flowers
Painted Tin Cans
Painted Tin Cans - The Crafty Chica! Crafts, Latinx art, creative motivation
there are many colorful tin cans with pictures on them and flowers in the vases
50 Mod Podge Craft Ideas - 50th Anniversary Mod Podge Day May 19 | Mod podge crafts, Crafts, Tin can
Feb 13, 2018 - 50 Mod Podge Crafts ideas for May 19 Mod Podge Day and the 50th anniversary of Mod Podge by Plaid Crafts. DIY purse, furniture, clothes with Mod Podge.
a colorful chandelier hanging from the ceiling
Beaded chandelier
some lights that are on in a potted planter next to other plants and flowers
Garden Ideas: Fun & Creative Ways to Grow Your Garden
This is one of those garden ideas that is so simple and super cheap! Stop by the dollar store, grab a few tiki torches and a few solar lights, then put the lights inside the torches. No oil, no fire, no mess – so it’s much safer for the kids. Put them with bug repellent plants and you get the best of both worlds!
many cans and cacti are stacked on top of each other with succulents in them
Soda Can Planters: The Irresistible Power Of Recycling
a kitchen with blue cabinets and orange appliances
Kitschy Kitchen Aesthetic: Transforming Your Space with Playful Vibes
mexican food cans with cacti and succulents in them on a table next to a pool
These would be cute for a Cinco de Mayo party or something! To tell you the truth, I still do this, I thought everyone did :-)
a couch sitting on top of a wooden bench next to flowers and potted plants
a living room filled with furniture and colorful pillows
Puffino MX
colorful pillows and flowers on an outdoor bench
Backyard Garden Ideas for a Stunning Oasis
Backyard Garden Ideas for a Stunning Oasis - Puqqu