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a patio deck with the words pallet platform deck
Budget-Friendly DIY Platform Deck: Building with Pallets and Fence Pickets
a wooden pallet with the words under $ 100 in front of it and an image of
How to build a deck: DIY pallet wood deck build for under $100
a wooden deck is being built in the backyard
Pallet deck
a wooden deck surrounded by potted plants and seating on top of it in the backyard
a backyard with lights on the deck and chairs
a wooden deck is being built on the side of a house
How to build a deck using wood pallets!!
an outdoor play area with wooden benches in the middle
How to Create a Tree Bench in 4 Easy Steps
three pieces of wood sitting on top of each other in the middle of a floor
How to Build a Reclaimed Wood Tree Bench DIY
Using wood from a section of our fence that fell in a wind storm, I built a bench to circle our large maple tree in the back yard. Here are the weathered fence boards from the storm The first step in building the tree bench was to decide how large to make the inside row for the seat. I measured around the tree, allowing for growth then cut 4 pieces of wood. Before proceeding, I took them out to the backyard to make sure they were the right size.Once I had confirmed that the f…
How to build an eco-friendly gazebo for your backyard!