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i like to listen to music with an image of a boy sitting on the floor
My Hobbies 2 - What Do You Like to Do? - by ELF Learning
six pieces of paper with the words binderod on them
Vikten av visuell stöttning
an animal is skiing in the snow with other animals
the kitchen utensils poster is shown
Kitchen Utensils Names with Pictures • 7ESL
Kitchen Utensils Vocabulary in English | Things in the Kitchen
a poster with different types of action words
200+ Common Action Verbs List in English with Pictures • 7ESL
70+ Common Action Verbs in English | Vocabulary
four different pictures of people with words in each one's face and the other saying,
Pictures of Pronouns and How To Learn Them
After a bit of theory behind pronouns, I talk about why pictures of pronouns can…
an image of the face with different facial expressions and other things to see in it
A l'encre violette
an image of different weather symbols in russian
Weather flashcard
Weather printable for poster or game cards a great resource to let the kids have visual aids on how the weather is outside for the day. great for circle time or one-on-one time with a child for them to open up to the teacher
a hand is holding several children's greeting cards
SO Värdegrund och demokrati Kompisvecka – Språkutveckling – ASL
a white board with yellow and red labels on it that says, braita om
Bra spel! Lära känna varandra.
a white wall with words written in multicolored letters on it and a ribbon hanging from the side