Massachusetts Boston, October 2017- March 2019
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a tall white building with a gold statue on top and a cross at the top
Hartford LDS Temple (@Hartford_Temple) / Twitter
an aerial view of a baseball stadium in the city
Boston. Red Sox.
an elegant living room with white furniture and high ceiling lighting is seen in this image
a quote with the words we share the gospel because we know it will help others become better
The Power of Everyday Missionaries: The What and How of Sharing the Gospel
"We share the gospel because we know it will help others become better, happier people. But the blessings for us are priceless." -Clayton M. Christensen, from his book, "The Power of Everyday Missionaries" #Hastenthework #LDSQuotes #LDS
a black and white quote with the words if ye've have a desired to serve ye are called to the work
Called to work- LDS member missionaries
a heart with the words, if you're not a full time missionary with a
Top 15 Favorite Missionary Memes
Top 15 Favorite #LDS Missionary Memes #calledtoserve
a woman standing in front of a sunset with the words, we've made covenants to serve although we might not put on a black badge
Missions Are for Everyone—Just in Different Ways - Mormon Insights
I wasn’t inadequate. I wasn’t second class. And I still could do a lot to serve the Lord. #Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, #face-to-face, #Jessica L. Reschke, #LDS.org, #Member Missionary, #Missions Are for Everyone—Just in Different Ways, #sisters and missions, #young single adults, #sister missionaries, #service
a red t - shirt with the words i still call it home
I've lived all over, but none compare to where I grew up! That and everywhere else is just full of fucked up people anyways!
a green and white sign that says, wicked smaaht
'nuf said
a sign that says how to speak boston in english and spanish, with the names of different towns
Massachusetts Memes
How to speak Boston (I LOVE this)