Oversized sweater.

Ignore the bottom of this outfit (you can do better) and just look at the awkward (in a good way, always in a good way) proportions that an oversized turtleneck and a shirt peaking from underneath can get.

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almost there sweater

Almost there... pattern by Isabell Kraemer

Icelandic sweater Lopapeysa made in Plötulopi held double. Colours: 1038 Ivory beige, 1424 golden yellow heather, 0001 white. Yoke: modified Istex Lopi 131.

Icelandic sweater Lopapeysa made in Plötulopi held double. Yoke: modified Istex Lopi Plus


Ravelry: Afmæli - anniversary sweater pattern by Védís Jónsdóttir. I really like this, it's a beautiful pattern.

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Skøn jakke i uld. Strikket i retstrikning. Alle kan gå i gang med dette projekt - det er ikke svært, og det går hurtigt på pinde 9. Hestetømmekant. Læs mere ...

Classic Knit Jacket - a free pattern by Purlbee in bulky wool with lots of pictures