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four pictures of colorful glass balls with butterflies painted on the outside and inside, all in different colors
Stained Glass pysanky by Karen Hanlon PysankyUSA retreat teacher.
an easter egg painted with colorful designs on white paper and blue background, sitting on top of a bed sheet
an easter egg decorated with flowers on a black background
Twyla Boyer shows of her use of PysankyUSA's Colorama Dyes on this lovely paisley egg.
an egg with flowers painted on it
"For William Morris" by Paula Hare Eggs as art.
two brown rabbits sitting next to each other in the grass
Easter Cards: Greeting Cards with Cute Bunny Rabbit, Chickens or Floral -
a painting of a rabbit sitting next to a dandelion
Bundelion by Katie-W on DeviantArt
a painted rock with a hedge and hearts on it next to a pennon that says love is in the air
an intricately carved egg on a black background
a purple and black ball sitting on top of a white table
a hand holding an ornate painted egg in it's palm
Blue Sunflowers Pysanka Pysanky Ukrainian Easter Egg
three hand painted owls sitting in the palm of someone's outstretched cuppeded hands
Пасхальные штучки