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a wooden chair sitting next to a wall with a basket on the back of it
1145 BAND STONE - Farge til maling innendørs
BAND STONE 1145 Farge Interiør |
a bed room with a neatly made bed next to two windows and a fire place
three vases are sitting on a shelf with books and plants in them next to a door
10679 WASHED LINEN - Farge til maling innendørs
WASHED LINEN 10679 Farge Interiør |
the kitchen is clean and ready to be used for cooking, baking, or serving
10342 KALKGRÅ - Farge til maling innendørs
LADY farge 10342 Kalkgrå |
a kitchen with two stools and an island in the middle of the room,
Dyktige @randi_sagvolden har så knallfint kjøkken! Ikke sant? Veggene er malt med Anetteshus:Rullestein @fargerike_norge Det er så gøy at dere deler, fortsett med det! #anetteshusthecollection credit: @randi_sagvolden
an empty room with white walls and wood flooring is seen from the doorway to the living room
Anna Gillar
moulding herringbone floors vintage light
there is a wooden cabinet with pictures on the wall above it and a vase sitting on top
Norges nye favorittfarge - LADY Inspirasjonsblogg
Det er mange fine farger i det nyeste LADY-fargekartet, men en skiller seg spesielt ut. Se hvilken farge som er Norges nye favorittfarge.
a plant is sitting on top of a white table in front of a blue wall
Gangen ble helt ny med et malingsstrøk!☺️ En av de nye fargene til Jotun som heter Byge! #jotun #jotunlady
a room painted pink and white with a wooden bench in front of the window,
2856 WARM BLUSH - Farge til maling innendørs
WARM BLUSH 2856 Farge Interiør |
a pink chair sitting next to a plant in a room
2782 DECO PINK - Farge til maling innendørs
DECO PINK 2782 Farge Interiør |
a bed with pillows and blankets on it in front of a wall mounted art piece
Nordic Living - Fargepalett fra Jotun LADY
LADY 5030 St. Pauls Blue
three bowls filled with different colored liquids on top of a white plate
Våre vakreste blåfarger - LADY Inspirationsblogg %
Våre vakreste blåfarger
two chairs and a table in front of a black wall with white trim on it
9911 NØYTRAL - Farge til maling innendørs
NØYTRAL 9911 Farge Interiør |
the font and numbers are all in white on a light blue background, with an image of
Maling - Jotuns hjemmeside |