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Ballerina flexibility training with Zenamarkt

The Home of Zenmarkt Stretch Band, Zenmarkt Pirouette Board, Zenmarkt DanceJoy Shoe Bag. Enhance your Ballet and Dance experience with Zenmarkt professional products. Augment your training with the NEOBANDS Loop Bands - newest innovation fabric.

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10 Ballerina Workout Moves for a Long, Lean Body

We asked Miranda Kerr's trainer, Mary Helen Bowers, a professional dancer and creator of the Ballet Beautiful workout, to show us the way with these 10 moves for a ballerina body.

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7 Effective Foot / Ankle Strengthening Exercises That Will Help with Foot Drop

Need to purchase accessories and tools used in this video?- Tennis ball ( Marbles ( Towel (

Ballet Beautiful with Mary Helen Bowers - Tone and lift your derrière | NET-A-PORTER.COM

In part two of our exclusive workout series with ballerina and fitness expert Mary Helen Bowers, discover the exercises to tone and lift your derrière.Read m...

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12 Exercises for Stronger, More Supple Feet

Maybe you weren't born with gorgeous, overarched feet, but that doesn't mean you're completely stuck with what you've got. "Strength and flexibility can improve with training, but that's within the limits of your individual anatomy," says Dr. Nancy Kadel, a Seattle-based orthopedic surgeon who speci...

Inner Thigh Workout: 5 Ballet-Based Moves to Tone and Tighten

Victoria's Secret Angels' trainer Mary Helen Bowers shares how to get rid of thigh jiggle with her super-effective inner thigh workout.

15 Minute Turnout Conditioning Exercises for Dancers

This short routine will help dancers stabilize their hips, and strengthen their core while engaging their turnout muscles. I highly recommend competitive dan...

Follow-Along for Strong Feet, Stability, a High Demi Pointe for Dancers

For more info visit: https://www.tatianarooney.comHello, lovelies. Do you want some strong, flexible dancers feet? Then you've come to the right channel Haha...

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How to Improve your Pointe! Follow Along Tutorial!

This is a Follow Along Tutorial all about your feet! You will need a yoga mat, yoga blocks, a rag, lacrosse ball. A foot stretcher or a couch. 😘

3 Stretches Adult Ballet Students Should Do Every Morning - The Last Dancer

Mornings can be rough, but there are simple stretches you can do to start the day off right. If your first inclination is to reach for the coffee, try these 3 exercises instead to get your mojo going. 1. Cambré Cambré is the perfect morning stretch. Start by placing...

A Ballet Teacher Blog

A ballet blog for students, teachers and parents by former professional dancer and veteran ballet teacher. Learn tips to improve on your own. Ballet courses available.

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Ankle Strength and Flexibility

Need stronger lower legs? Most runners do. Here are great exercises to strengthen those areas!

Turn Out Exercises for Ballet Dancers

SportsRec is the number one source for all things sports.

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The Best Exercises To Sculpt Your Legs, Straight From A Ballerina

The lean, sculpted legs of ballerinas are beyond enviable, but for those of us who can’t dedicate hours to the craft (or are just really clumsy), graceful stems can seem out of reach. That’s where these leg toning exercises come in. We tapped former…

Learning Your Foot Type-- For The Best Pointe Fit

Learning Your Foot Type-- For The Best Pointe Fit

STOP! This post has generated thousands and thousands of hits from dancers all over the world. I'm thrilled and humbled! This has...