Russian born model Natalia Vodianova. Photograph by Paolo Roversi (NOT Sally Mann!).

by Sally Mann Actually Paolo Roversi.someone else put Sally Mann, and for some reason this particular pin keeps appearing on my board, even though I changed description many times.

delicate expression and posing | Myth and Beauty – Portraits by Katerina Plotnikova

Portrait photographer Katerina Plotnikova lives in Moscow, Russia, but her photos look like scenes from a mythical world. She creates a type of wonderland in each photo, making her models seem like nymphs, graceful yet wild.

Meryl Streep by Annie Leibovitz. Meryl Streep (born Mary Louise Streep; June 22, 1949)[2] is an American actress of theater, television, and film. She is widely regarded as one of the best living American film actresses. "I'm a pain in the ass to all of the costume designers with whom I work because I have very strong feelings about the subject."

1981 Rolling Stone Covers

Annie Leibovitz / "Meryl Streep" / 1981 / Photography / She took mainly portraits of celebrities for magazine covers such as Rolling Stone.

Julia Margaret Cameron. Alice Liddell as Pomona 1872. Alice Liddell was the inspiration for Alice in Wonderland.

Julia Margaret Cameron Pomona: The Roman goddess of gardens and fruit trees. Here, Alice Liddell who, as a child, was Lewis Carroll¿s muse and frequent photographic model - posed for Cameron a dozen times in August and September 1872

Woman in sunbonnet 1924-1934; Kentuckyiana Digital Library Doris Ulmann collection

Woman in sunbonnet Kentuckyiana Digital Library Doris Ulmann collection. This looks so much like my grandma McAbee. the way she is holding her arm, the bonnet, the blouse buttoned all the way to the top, and that aged face of wisdom.

I did a paper on Joyce Tenneson's work when I was working on my digital art degree in college. She has some fantastic pieces all done with a large Polaroid 20x24 inch camera! Gorgeous!

Mother holding her sleeping child - by Joyce Tennyson. Such a beautiful photo.

The Mountain Nymph Sweet Liberty June 1866: Julia Margaret Cameron was one of the greatest portraitists in the history of photography

150 years before Instagram, Julia Margaret Cameron set the trend for selfies with her Victorian era Celebrity Photographs

The Mountain Nymph Sweet Liberty June 1866 Albumen silver print from glass negative Harris Brisbane Dick Fund, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Annie Leibovitz Photography | Annie Leibovitz (American, b. 1949). Willie Nelson, Luck Ranch ...

Who Was Sharpshooter Annie Oakley?

Patti Smith (1946) - American singer-songwriter, poet and visual artist. Photo Annie Leibovitz

Punk rock’s poet laureate Patti Smith ranks among the most influential female rock & rollers of all time. Ambitious, unconventional, and challenging, Smith’s music was hailed as the…