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#ComboPhotos is a self-initiated project by art director Stephen McMennamy, seamlessly combining two photos with hilarious results. He explains the idea behind the project:  "It’s really just from looking around and seeing what things are out in the world might make for an interesting fit or what would make for a nice contrast once combined. As far as process, it’s just a matter of me hunting things down and aiming for the cleanest shot possible."  More photo manipulations via PetaP...

Here are the latest improbable mashups by Stephen McMennamy, who with his ComboPhoto series is having fun combining two pictures. Lightbulb and egg-gloeilamp en eigeel

Anomalisa, making of

Stop-motion animation is painstaking business. "The process moves so slowly, it can often take weeks or months to animate a single shot," says Anomalisa co-director Duke Johnson.