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This is wonderful! I don't think it's being there from the beginning that makes you a fan, it's being there until the end! I am just getting into the best fandoms ever and honestly, I haven't been there from the beginning but I'll be here until the end!

I wasn't gonna pin it, but then I saw that tag....

I've been sitting here looking like im choking for 10 minutes because im laughing so hard and my mom looks like she's ready to give me a heimlich<--this comment XD

A fan's relationship with Supernatural. » *facepalm*

A fan's relationship with Supernatural. Or doctor who, or Merlin, or any fandom ever!

fan art multiple fandoms pictures sherlock harry potter doctor who tony stark iron man avengers joker batman the dark knight hunger games katniss

Saturday - Good day for Whovians>> at least it's not a tuesday.<<< its not saturday but oh well