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a snail with flowers on its back
four green mushrooms sitting on top of an open book with moss growing out of it
Une histoire de champignons par Michèle Giraudo
three decorative vases are sitting on a table with flowers in front of a painting
a hand holding a tea cup with pink flowers in it and three mushrooms growing out of the top
Mushroom lamp
a statue of a mushroom sitting on top of a rock
an open book with tiny mushrooms on it sitting on top of each other in front of a stack of books
Stephanie Kilgast Gives Vintage Books A New, Wonderful Life In Her Knowledge Sculpture Series - Design & Paper
DIY Home Decor - Mushroom Lights
Bring the enchantment of the forest into your home! Watch this DIY project video to create whimsical mushroom lights that add a magical glow to your decor. 🍄✨ #DIYHomeDecor #MushroomLights Credit: cherry.l.a.d.y (TikTok)
mushrooms, ferns and other edible items are on the counter top in this artistic photo
there is a glass dome with mushrooms inside
Odditology - Etsy
Oddities Curiosities Unusual Small Gifts in by ArtificialiaRoom
three glass jars filled with small red and white mushrooms