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a pink wall with many pictures on it and a table in front of the dresser
Combining aesthetics #mangaart #gallerywall #vintagefurniture
a pink desk and chair in a room with paintings on the wall behind it, along with other antique furniture
an ornate painted armoire in the corner of a room
a green painted cabinet with plants and other decorations on it's shelves in a living room
a green dresser with white dogs painted on it
four different pictures of an old dresser with designs on the doors and drawers, all painted in various colors
I Make Custom Gothic And Fantasy Jewellery Boxes.
a wooden cabinet with flowers and plants painted on it
Decor Transfers - Painted
a pink door with gold stars painted on it in a black room next to a potted plant
a black cabinet with butterflies painted on the front and sides, next to a chair
Whimsigoth Painted Furniture: Whimsigoth Bedrooms & More