Beautiful ✨✨

28 Pins
the beach has pink sand and clear water
the sky is red and pink as it sets in the distance with trees on the far side
Beautiful sky
a leaf is laying on top of a log in the woods next to a stream
Autumn brings color to life
a stream running through a forest filled with lots of green and yellow leaves on the ground
Beautiful sunday :)
the full moon is setting over some houses
Full moon this morning
there are many pictures of birds on the water and in the sky, with one bird sitting on a rock
My beautiful country :)
there are pictures of horses and boats in the water
My beautiful country :)
a wooden walkway leading to the beach with grass and sand on both sides, along with sea oats in the background
purple flowers are growing out of the sand near tall grass and beach grass on a sunny day
a lake surrounded by trees in the middle of a forest with no leaves on it
an open door leading to a beach with people in the water
Beautiful day
two red and white buildings sitting on top of rocks next to the ocean with blue sky
Beautiful day
three stuffed animals sitting next to each other
Happy Easter
there are many birds flying in the sky and on the beach, along with other pictures
Storm today
a series of photos showing different views of the water and people with bikes on it
Sunday bike ride around Hafrsfjord