Petite Treats

Party food, finger food, mini deserts, deserts, appetizers, hors d'ouveres, starters, wedding food, event food, snacks, chocolate
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four chocolates in different shapes and sizes
Easter goodies!
some dumplings are sitting on a white plate with dipping sauce in the bowl next to them
Wonton money bags with minced chicken!
three chocolate covered desserts are lined up on a white plate with spoons in it
Dark chocolate espresso spoons with white chocolate coated grapes
three bowls filled with soup on top of a red table
Tomato bisque served with a kale pesto crostini!
three pieces of cake sitting on top of a cutting board
Sea salted caramel espresso bars
three desserts in glass cups with powdered sugar and raspberries
Chocolate raspberry mousse
small desserts with powdered sugar and raspberries on a wooden cutting board
Chocolate raspberry mousse with amaretti !
two white bowls filled with food on top of a table
Lentil pancakes with scrambled cottage cheese and betroot salsa
three crab cakes on a cutting board with lemon wedges and garnishes
Zucchini bites toped with sauteed kale and a chili lime sauce
cucumbers with cream cheese and red peppers on them
Cucumber cups topped with roasted res pepper hummus and zaatar
some raspberries and chocolate in a bowl on a table
Chocolate cups with raspberry mousse
chocolate bars stacked on top of each other with nuts around them
Decadent chocolate fudge
some food is sitting on a white plate
Spaghetti cups with brandied mushrooms in a creamy sauce
small appetizers with cucumbers in them on a white plate
Canapes topped with siracha spiked salmon mousse